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Upcoming New York Exhibition 2021

We are very excited about Hugo Grenville’s upcoming exhibition in New York opening this Summer ‘Juxtaposition/Composition’. Visit the exhibition page to get a sneak peak of the collection.

Grenville says, “My paintings are an unashamed and joyous celebration of life, a passionate defense of beauty and domestic harmony, steeped in the English Romantic tradition. I would like the work to stand as a symbol of promise, and to express our sense of existence through the recognition of the transforming power of color and light.

Through the arrangement of shape, line, pattern, and color, I try to conjure the lyrical and the dreamlike, a place at peace with itself. The still life and figure paintings do not generally represent an actual moment in time but are rather the result of a process of reflection, recollection, and reinvention, a distillation of human experience. The flowers in the jug or the nude on the bed belong not to now, but to all time, just as the abstract elements of color and light are timeless and connect us to both the past and the future, to the visible world, and to the invisible.”

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