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Masterclasses in 2019 with Hugo Grenville


We are planning Hugo’s Masterclasses for 2019 and have several in store, the first of which is a much awaited life painting Masterclass held at the beautiful Stoke lodge in Bristol from 18th to 22nd February 2019. For more details click here.

A long time student and friend of Hugo’s, Joanna Brogan-Higgins recently wrote a very interesting piece on her perspective of being a student of painting, we thought you might enjoy it!

“What this education has shown me is that the disciplines or principles that underpinned painting are still something of a mystery to most people today and I wish personally that I had understood these better, from the very beginning.  We are the generation who were brought up on ‘no discipline’ and that has huge advantages in terms of freedom of expression, but I realise now that the vast majority of students of painting are unable to enjoy this freedom because they are still almost completely unable to put in place a structure within which they can express themselves.”

“I think you have to be a very skilled colourist, draughtsman, designer to be a successful painter like yourself, but it is totally necessary to have at least one of these attributes in order to enjoy or explore the others.  I see people who evidently have a fantastic eye for colour but flounder with the ‘idea’ behind a composition, or who can draw well, but produce a drab painting.  I am only now getting to grips with certain elements which once in place will allow me to experiment further and time is running out!”

This “idea behind a composition” is one of the keys to Hugo’s Masterclasses, we hope to see you at one of them in 2019. For more details click here and here.

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